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Navigating a new town and the search to find these lovely treasures.

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New goodies that are waiting to be displayed

On this, the last weekend before we move, R and I headed out to Monroe, GA for some relaxation and antiquing. One of his coworkers recommended a couple of places so we headed down there on Saturday. It never ceases to amaze me at how many antique “malls” are located in these small GA towns. The first couple of places we went to were in an old Cotton Mill; The Cotton Depot and Cherry Hill at the Mill antique mall. Both places are filled with a number of different vendors. My new MO is to only buy one piece of milk glass in each place I go. As I said before, this is a hard task but it does make you really consider each and every piece.

At the Cotton Depot I found no less than 10 pieces that I wanted but I only left with one, and I am very  happy with it. This lovely Westmoreland beaded, paneled grape-pattern footed covered candy dish c. 1960’s was my first purchase of the day. Though I am sure I have come across the beaded paneled grape pattern, I don’t really recall doing so. Once I saw this beauty, I pretty much knew it was the one. It is a lovely dish with a lot of weight to it.

Westmoreland footed beaded grape candy dish

Westmoreland footed beaded candy dish

Our next stop was the Cherry Hill at the Mill. Saturday was a very warm and muggy day and we have learned that visiting these antique “malls” in old buildings is really best left for days that aren’t quite as warm. Most of them do not have AC and this one was one of them. But we soldiered on and I am glad we did. I was able to find another Westmoreland beaded, paneled grape-pattern piece; this lovely “puff box” c. 1960s. This one is just as heavy and so darn cute.

Westmoreland Puff Box

Westmoreland puff box

At our third stop, Ian Henderson’s Warehouse Antique Mall, was a fluke. We got a little lost and I am glad we did. This place was so HOT. Thank goodness they sold water because I don’t think I would have made it. Walking around 80,000 SF when it is hot and humid is not entirely enjoyable,  but our perseverance payed off. I had seen this Avon candy dish at the other two stores and though I had been admiring it, I decided I didn’t want to pay the price for it since I had already identified the one piece I wanted. I saw a couple of them at Henderson’s but still wanted to look around. About halfway through the warehouse, I saw the same piece and decided to just “see” what they were asking for it. Turns out this guy was asking $10 less…of course I picked it up. I am so glad I passed on it at the other places.

Avon candy dish

Avon candy dish

Our fourth and final stop of the day was HodgePodge.  This is a cute little place and they had some very cute things. One thing that caught my eye was this cute little basket and since I didn’t have one in my ever-growing collection, I thought I’d pick this one up. I am glad I did. This milk glass basket is from Kanawha Glass Company, a maker that I had not heard of before.


Kanawha Basket

Kanawha Basket

Next week I am going to highlight one milk glass maker per day. I’m excited about this because I know there is so much I need to learn about my new hobby. I hope y’all can learn something too.


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